It emerged today that a Berlin opera company cancelled a Mozart production over security fears, because it features the severed head of the Prophet Muhammad along side the heads of the Greek sea god Poseidon, Buddha and Jesus.

The Deutsche Oper claims “incalculable” security risks would be posed by staging the opera. This is backed up by Germany’s Islamic Council who support the cancellation.

One only needs to think back to the absolutely ridiculous overreaction to the recent political cartoon published in Denmark to have an idea of the apparent security risks. But, what about Poseidon, Buddha and Jesus?

Will swarms of gay sailors in tight white trousers lay siege to German embassies around the world? Will Buddhist monks form peaceful protest circles around German airports, grounding all air traffic? After one of his frequent “talks with god” will George W Bush decide that it’s one too many digs at Jesus for his liking and bomb Germany in an attempt to instigate a change at the top of the German Cultural Ministry?

Where will it all end!

Yes I’m well aware that in Muslim societies, insulting the Prophet Muhammad is one of the most serious crimes someone can commit, However, Germany is not a Muslim society, To the best of my knowledge only 3.2% of the German population is Muslim.

Why does the minority constantly make the most noise? Why do the majority of people not make their feelings heard? Well, I for one, am going to fight for Mozart’s corner. I think the very suggestion that this performance should be cancelled is nothing short of moronic!

Do I like all forms of artistic expression? Good lord no! Don’t even get me started on the turner prize! Do I think that a small minority of people who are opposed to something should be able to put a stop to it through intimidation and violence? Absolutely not.

Lisa Simpson once said “we are a society of low-brows, no-brows and ignorami”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

It takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.
Homer Simpson