I seem to have made a habit of travelling after leaving a job. It's a tradition I enjoy, although I'm not sure I can make a habit of quitting jobs! Given that I left my last job to concentrate on study at Stanford, it seemed fitting to start my travels in California.

Any casual reader of the rants, raves and run-on-sentences that make up this blog will know I spend a fair bit of time in California. It's somewhere I enjoy visiting but I've never had a sense of connection with, like the feeling I get while being in Germany or New York.

People say how cool San Francisco is, but I've never quite got it. I've tried to understand LA but can't get beyond the shallowness of the place. I've enjoyed walking around Stanford before but never with the sense of it being my campus. I've watched sport there but never felt I was watching my team.

I've now had those experiences and more. I've cheered and danced in the stands with students and alumni as the band blasts out 'all right now'. I've driven through the night to watch Stanford crush UCLA at the Rose Bowl. I've absorbed the wealth of art and culture available while strolling the campus. Defended the old barn and equestrian centre as someone, from USC no less, mocked the whole idea of such an elitist concept.

I'm now sitting on a flight from San Francisco to Melbourne. Someone on board has seen my cardinal t-shirt, given me a knowing smile and said, “we did good yesterday”. With the memory of 'yesterday' fresh in my mind, I was able to smile back while adding “I know, I was there.”

It's certainly my team now, but it's not my campus, it's my farm.


I like your attitude, feisty yet spineless
Mr Burns