I don't think this statement ever meant as much as it does now. Your first night at Gatecrasher really was one of those clubbing rights of passage. Like your first rave or first Ibiza trip.

The sound system, the venue, the music, the lasers, oh the lasers! But even better then all that was the people around you. There was nothing that came close to it, this was a very special place indeed.

If it was going to end you always thought Scott Bond would literally rip the roof off it one Saturday night... Not have in burn to the ground one Sunday afternoon :(


18 JUNE 2007 :: IBIZA 2007 - OR LACK OF
I've picked up on this a little late, mostly because the emails I get from Amnesia are in Spanish, and, well, No hablo espaņol.

However, this morning I finally picked up on the news, Amnesia has been fined and forced to close (not permanently though) by the government. I think this article does an interesting, although a little biased job of putting the story across.

Anyone who has taken even a passing interest in thebearessentials.net will know that Amnesia is unquestionably my favorite club in the world. It's a place that holds some very fond memories for me and one I always look forward to going back to. I think Ibiza would never be able have the same draw for me if it was to close permanently.

While it's biased and a little predictable, the article makes some very good points. Personally I don't want to get into the pro's and con's of drugs vs drink or what clubs do or don't do to restrict drug use. I'm more interested in the act of closing down and fining Amnesia.

Amnesia holds at least 5,000 people. Each of whom pay 50 euros to be there. Now I've never been known as a mathematical wizard, although you did try your best Miss Reeve (now that's another story) but I make that about 250,000 euros a night, not even counting the bar takings. Why even bother with a 6000 euro fine!?!?

Also, closing Amnesia for the month of June. OK, based on the math from my last paragraph this is a bigger deal. But there is more to think about then this. June has always been the quietest month of summer for Ibiza clubs. In fact Amnesia was never even going to be open for the whole of June.

In fact the way I see it closing Amnesia in June only hurts innocent people. Cleaners, barstaff and most depressingly of all, clubbers. As everything in Ibiza is substantially cheaper in June, traditionally the clubbers who go to at this time are the ones who can least afford it. Nurses, shift workers, students etc. I know from experience, people save up for months to get to Ibiza and most have a set schedule for the clubs they want to visit. Closing Amnesia throughout June will do nothing to damage it's profits or stop the (alleged) drug issues. All it will do is put a huge downer on the holiday many people have been looking forward to for so long :(

07 MAY 2007 :: AND SO IT ENDS :(
I'm fairly sure this will mean absolutely nothing to just about all of you, but, it's left me moping around the flat all long weekend :( perhaps sharing it with everyone will help me get over it. On Sunday evening The New York Rangers were knocked out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Buffalo Sabers.

Who? What? I hear you all saying. It's ice hockey people, try and keep up with me here.

It was a series no body expected New York to win, even I gave them no chance in the beginning. But it's funny what happens when your team play with a lot of heart and string a few wins together. Suddenly your in the hunt and any doubts have been long forgotten.

With the series tied at 2-2 The Rangers took a 1-0 lead in the final minutes of game 5 in Buffalo. This was a monumental achievement, Buffalo hardly ever loose at home and had not been kept scoreless anywhere all season. To shut them out in front of their home crowd would have been devastating. The Buffalo fans were streaming out of the arena, I was beaming from ear to ear, singing to myself "nah nah, nah nah nah nah, waaaaave goodbye"

With just 7.7 seconds to go the unthinkable happened :( Buffalo scored, the game went in to overtime and New York lost. They never bounced back from it, despite fighting the good fight they lost game 6 in New York on Sunday, ending their season. Having started to genuinely believe they could win only made the loss that much harder to deal with.

It's left me wondering, what am I supposed to do with myself now the season is over? No more sitting up late an listening to the game on the radio. No more watching games on TV after work with nachos and beer. At least not for another 5 months... Oh well, at least I might get some study done ;)

It's a dangerous business going out your front door.
J. R. R. Tolkien