Over the last couple of months I’ve been dwelling on the complete lack of updates I’ve posted. It’s a situation I don’t like and have been very keen to rectify. I realised this site is all about celebrations; life, travel, culture, sport, food, all things to be celebrated in their own way. A lack of updates sometimes means a lack of reasons to celebrate, and is sometimes the result of a lack of celebratory spirit.

I believe I’ve now rectified both. In keeping with tradition at the bear essentials, it’s no small change we’re talking about here.

In rectifying the lack of celebratory spirit, I’ve made a change that needed to be made a long time ago. Last week I gave notice at work. Come September I’ll be out of the job. It did not come as a shock to my office and should not come as a shock to anyone who has spent time with me this year. The writing was certainly on the wall.

While this was a change that needed to be made, it’s not one I’d make without a plan. That’s where the reason to celebrate comes in. I’ve always been under the suspicion that the lack of a university degree hurts my job prospects. It’s an easy way for employers to filter CV’s and once you’re not getting looked at, you’re stuck in the position you’re in.

I started looking at my options and found a fantastic program at Stanford University. It's their Advanced Project Management Program. I was really keen on it from the outset but they wanted a lot of professional experience, which I have, and an undergraduate degree, which I don't have.

I gave the admissions office a call and they basically said "write a good enough submission and see how you go, it's not completely unheard of." So, I spent a Saturday night (I use to be a superstar DJ! Oh how the mighty fall) writing something which I have to say, was seriously impressive. I emailed it off the next day and got a reply two days later. An unconditional offer, I'm going to Stanford :-)

It’s been over a week now and I'm still a bit overwhelmed by it all. I’ll start with the distance option and can study on campus if it’s something I decide I want to pursue later.

News of this magnitude naturally lead to an equally impressive night out at one of our favourite cocktail haunts. I had every intention of writing something befitting martini’s, service and company this wonderful. However, it’s the morning after the night before and my mind is having a whole world of trouble computing anything beyond cold lemonade and cartoons!


It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.
Charles Dickens