Some of you know parts of this, some of you know none of it. It's something that I've been hoping would get better on it's own but unfortunately it's not, so that probably makes it time to talk about it...

I hurt my knee at hockey (again) last week. It really hurt at the time and I was carried off the ice. It still hurt the following day to the point where I actually took myself to a doctor.

The Dr took one look at my knee and could not mask the shock on her face as she sent me directly to A&E

A&E is probably best described as a colourful experience, especially while there on your own. Luckily the Dr had called ahead and they were expecting me, while I certainly didnít get whisked through I definitely didnít get the off the street treatment either.

Spent most of the night there and thankfully a specialist was on call. Got x-rays, ultrasounds etc and the theory was no broken bones but ligament damage instead.

I've spent the last week hobbling around on cruchers and hoovering painkillers. Youíre talking to someone who took a week to go to a Dr after breaking his shoulder and cracking two ribs, (it wasnít that sore, I thought it would get better!) I seem to have a fairly high pain thresholdÖ I can tell you this H-U-R-T-S!

The crutches are slowly degrading my faith in humanity. I donít expect the masses to part as I hobble along the street but I would not mind a bit of acceptance for the fact I need to stick my leg into the aisle on public transport! They can see me holding the crutches, they are not this seasons must have fashion accessory! The look of annoyance and expectation for me to be the one to move has been winding me up. I fear at some point I may snap and explain that while I canít really move if they step a little closer Iíll be able to demonstrate just how well my arms still workÖ

It's now been a week and I have just been back to the hospital to go to the trauma clinic. Three hours of waiting to see someone followed by what felt like a lifetime of twisting, pushing, pulling, lifting, turning, poking and general discussion of my knee by three doctors while I lay in unbelivable pain...

They now think it's either cartilage or ACL ligament. They are booking me in for an MRI but this could take 5 weeks before it happens. I am going to research getting it done privately much sooner then that.

So that's it really not too much I can say about it. I need an MRI to know exactly what the problem is and then they can decide on a course of treatment. Best case a bit of† physio, worst case an operation.

I'm rapidly becoming a miserable bastard with the pain and inability to move. Hopefully something good comes out of it soon.

The fact that none of my readers understand hockey generally doesnít stop me from talking about itÖ

Last night The New York Rangers let the heart, soul and backbone of their team walk out the door over an insignificant sum of money in contract negotiations. In fact, the money involved was so insignificant that you could say The Rangers management ripped the still beating heart out of their team and threw it away.

Avery was always the first to stand up for a team mate and never afraid to back that sentiment up by dropping the gloves, no matter the size of the opponent. He was the catalyst that got The Rangers deep into the last two playoff seasons. He had an indefinable quality that ensured those around him played better and opponents played worse.

Donít believe all this emotional, sports psychology talk? Want facts?

When Avery was in the lineup the rangers won 68% of their games. When he was injured and out of the lineup they won 42%

You canít argue with that kind of statistic.

Sean you will be sorely missed. Although I canít help but think, itís not always ďabout the moo-la doo-la babyĒ. Sometimes you need to think about the bigger picture and not cut off your nose to spite your face.

Say goodbye to Broadway, Sean Avery, thanks for the memories.

I stand by my racial slur! Do your worst you filthy pretentious savages!
Mayor Quimby