Some of you should be familiar with the Iron Chef TV show. A hilarious Japanese cooking challenge between the resident "Iron Chef's" and a new challenger each week. The competition took place in "Kitchen Stadium" and always involved a secret, theme ingredient. The show became a cult classic and was parodied numerous times, my personal favourite being an episode of Futurama:

If you've no idea what I'm talking about, search Iron Chef on Youtube. You'll soon be up to speed

So, now that you've worked out what I'm on about, I can let you in on a little secret. The latest Iron Chef parody to come to my attention takes place in London. IRON CUPCAKE! It's a monthly cupcake baking competition that involves a different theme every month. This month's theme being "The Perfect Pair", you can combine any two flavours, but only two flavours. The winner claims the title of Iron Cupcake and, well, nothing from a material perspective. But stick with me here.

OK, in reality there isn't a Cupcake Stadium or Iron Bakers, or prize money. But, there is a bar full of city girls eating cupcakes. As a bear who likes girls, and cupcakes, how could it be bad?!? While my baking is strictly amateur, I do have a couple of tricks up my sleve: Firstly, a credit card with an obscene credit limit, which allowed me to purchase this:

It's my new god, Jeebus. Is it wrong to worship kitchen appliances? Also, after last years second hand cookbook shopping spree with my co-conspirator... I know how to make lavender cupcakes with vanilla icing!

I'll keep you posted on the baking progress and a rundown of the event. For now I was too excited not to share the news. Mmmmmmmmm lavender cupcakes with vanilla icing. Thank you Jeebus.

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