Start spreading the news….. Shhhhhh! Wait, I'm in the library, I must not croon.

It's been hot as hell for days, 98 degrees and what must be 98% humidity. I've been searching the library, but am yet to find that little green slimmer ghost. My home made ghostbusting machine is lit up like a Christmas tree, he must be close. I'm sure if I can get that little green bastard to slime me, it'll help me cool off. Slime's cold, isn't it?

For someone who's done an awful lot of travel, this is my first solo travel experience. (I've never seen snowboarding as solo travel, you board, you eat, you sleep, it's not hard to do on your own.) I've got to say, this is one of the most wonderful self indulgent experiences I've ever had! You go where you want, when you want, for as long as you want. Once you've had enough, you move on. Feel like sitting in the park and eating sushi for lunch? Do it. Want to walk for 25 minutes in the morning to get to your favourite coffee shop and bakery? Knock yourself out. Fancy a shopping trip down on Spring St? Go nuts.

Seriously, I've never been in a situation where there is no one else to consider. It's a revelation. I had dinner at Momofuku the other night. There were groups of people waiting for tables. As a solo traveller I was able to get a seat at the bar and eat dinner without the wait. Although, this is also where the system begins to fall down…

At Momofuku they had the cheque in front of me before I'd finished my meal. Perhaps people who eat on their own typically want to eat and run? I'd discovered a fantastic new speakeasy, but couldn't bring myself to sit on my own in a bar and drink $16 cocktails. There was also no one to share things with, like discovering salted caramel frozen yoghurt at PinkBerry. Also, no one to discuss the art collection at The Frick with.

It turns out the sense of freedom and self indulgence, comes at the cost of shared experiences and memories. It's a trade off I'm not yet convinced by. .

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
Dorothy Parker