"People these days curate their own lives. They collect memories and experiences that define their life."

I didn't come up with it, but I do love the idea. It was a very philosophical observation made by the manager of Claridges in London. I feel like captures my own outlook on life. I'm always looking to make the most of every possible opportunity even, the improbable ones.

It's New Years Day and I am in Pasadena. To many people that doesn't mean much, to a college football fan it means everything. For 99 years college football's finest teams have met in Pasadena on the first of January. This year, my Stanford Cardinal are taking on Wisconsin. Stanford have not made the game in 12 years, they've not won it in over 40 years.

I only arrived in the US a day ago, I leave again tomorrow, this is a long, long way to travel for a game of football! But it isn't any game of football, it's the Rose Bowl. It's 93,000 passionate supporters, around 2/3rds of them dressed in cardinal and cheering on Stanford. It's a Stanford party in Pasadena and I'm fortunate enough to be part of it.

And what a party it turned out to be. From the LSJU Marching Band's moving rendition of the national anthem, through the games electrifying opening moments and eventual defensive struggle. Ending with victorious Stanford players walking to the side line and singing Hail Stanford with the band and students.

It was a 4 hour game of football that took me around 20 hours each way in travel. But it's an experience I'll never forget and am unlikely to have the opportunity to repeat.


There. This'll teach those filthy bastards who's lovable.